Over 100 council and housing association estates across London are under threat of demolition. Our research shows where they are.

Avenue Road estate

Stage: Proposal

258 homes in 4 blocks of the Avenue Road estate have been earmarked for demolition (Blackthorn Ct, Gean Ct, Mulberry Ct, Rosewood Ct).

The estate was one of 11 estates identified for possible redevelopment in a 2010 Estates Capacity Study.

Early options appraisal studies are being conducted according to this Council report. The report also confirms that residents will be balloted if a demolition option is pursued.

Further information is available in this Feb 2020 update to the Council’s Housing Scrutiny Committee.

This March 2020 update provides the latest most up-to-date picture:

“The Council has been engaging closely with residents on the Avenue Road Estate including a detailed housing needs survey carried out in Summer 2019 to identify the needs and future aspirations of residents. A majority of those interviewed were in favour of the estate being redeveloped. In July 2019 Cabinet gave the go ahead for officers to appoint a consultant team to carry out a feasibility and options appraisal and the outcome of the studies will be presented to Cabinet for approval this April. There was a residents’ workshop, run by Newman Francis, Independent Tenant Resident Advisor(ITRA) on 10th March, to feed into the proposals and answer questions. There are also weekly drop in with Council officers for residents. If redevelopment of the Estate becomes the preferred option, this will require a positive resident ballot scheduled for September 2020. Meanwhile, the Council has engaged a resident advisor and a firm of architects to work with residents to help develop the design and estate requirements. This capacity building exercise will help shape the future of this estate.”

NB. The residents’ advisor (Newman Francis) has also been involved in Lambeth’s estate regeneration schemes.


Waltham Forest is planning to carry out a ‘Council estates development capacity review’ in 2020 in order to identify further redevelopment opportunities:

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