Over 100 council and housing association estates across London are under threat of demolition. Our research shows where they are.

Juniper Crescent and Gilbeys Yard estate

Stage: Proposal

Circa 200 homes on Camden’s Juniper Crescent and Gilbey’s yard estates have been earmarked for redevelopment as part of the Camden Goods Yard regeneration

The neighbouring estates overlook the Regents Canal and are located between Camden Market and Camden Roundhouse.

In July 2019, housing association One Housing entered into a joint venture with developer Countryside Properties for the redevelopment of the estates.

One Housing had already started ‘decanting’ secure tenants by offering them rehousing in its existing stock elsewhere in the borough. It has filled the vacant homes with short-term intermediate rent tenants.

A ballot was supposed to be held by housing association One Housing Group in late March 2020, but this was postponed because of the coronavirus crisis. The ballot was postponed until 8th June and consultation sessions were instead carried out via zoom:

Residents were told in the consultation documents that if they vote against demolition in the ballot then their homes would only in future receive essential maintenance:

This is reiterated in the formal ‘Landlord Offer’ to residents ahead of the ballot:

There is no information in the landlord offer about leaseholders/homeowners and whether they have any right to be rehoused on the redeveloped estate (or elsewhere), which is in contravention of the Mayor’s planning policy on ballot requirements.

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