Over 100 council and housing association estates across London are under threat of demolition. Our research shows where they are.

Thamesmead east (phase 2)

Stage: Proposal

596 homes are under threat of demolition on the Wolvercote Road site of the Thamesmead estate, which is situated in the borough of Bexley.

This is the second phase of Peabody’s redevelopment of the Bexley side of the Thamesmead estate. In 2017, Bexley approved the first phase highlighted below in orange:

The whole of the Bexley side of the estate has been earmarked for redevelopment in this capacity study commissioned by Bexley Council.

The Wolvercote Road section of the estate has been identified as a priority site to come forward in the Council’s Local Plan but a planning application is yet to come forward.

Bexley’s Growth Strategy envisages 4,000 new homes in the Thamesmead area facilitated by the new Crossrail station and including the ‘renewal’ of existing estates.

Peabody has partnered with Australian developer Lendlease (Heygate estate regeneration) to deliver 11,500 homes in Thamesmead over the next 30 years.

Peabody’s 2017 consultation documents for the scheme.

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